Photo: Geert Jan Pottjewijd

Norden, St. Ludgeri


Leaflet about the organ by the former organist Reinhardt Ruge from 1989 (01), (02), (03), (04)
Second leaflet about the organ by the former organist Reinhardt Ruge from 1989 (01), (02)

organ drawings by Arp Schnitger

1686-1688: Construction of a new organ by Arp Schnitger, using pipework of the previous organs by Andreas de Mare (1566/1567) and Edo Evers (1616-1618). Case and tracker action mechanism were completely new.

1691-1692: Schnitger added a fourth work (Oberwerk) to the organ. This work was playable from the third manual of the Brustwerk.

1838: Tuning of the organ in equal temperature.

19th century: Many alterations to the organ. Ranks were replaced, the sound characteristics of the organ changed into what was deemednecessary in those days. The mechanism, however, was not changed.

1917: Removal of the front pipes for the first World War. At this time only half of the ranks were still present.

1929/1930: First restoration (Orgelbewegung) by Furtwängler & Hammer. Christhard Mahrenholz was the adviser. The last two reed-stops were replaced. For the first time other Schnitger-organs were investigated into, to make copies of the ranks that had been removed. The mechanism was exchanged for an electro-pneumatic installation.

1943-1945: Removal of the organ to the monastery of Möllenbeck to save the organ from possible bomb attacks due to the war.

1948: Rebuilding by Paul Ott.

1957-1959: Restoration by Paul Ott. New tracker action mechanism.

1981-1985: Restoration by Jürgen Ahrend to its original (Schnitger) situation

Photo: Geert Jan Pottjewijd


Rückpositif   Werck   Brustpositif   Oberpositif   Pedal  
Principal 8' Quintadena 16' Gedact 8' Hollfloit 8' Principal 16'
Gedact 8' Principal 8' Blockfloit 4' Octav 4' Octav 8'
Octav 4' Rohrfloit 8' Principal 2' Flachfloit 2' Octav 4'
Rohrfloit 4' Octav 4' Quinta 1 1/3' Rauschpfeiff II Rauschpfeiff II
Octav 2' Spitzfloit 4' Scharff IV Scharff IV-VI Mixtur VIII
Waldfloit 2' Quinta 2 2/3' Regal 8' Trommet 8' Posaune 16'
Ziffloit 1' Nasat 2 2/3'     Vox Humana 8'  Trommet 8'
Sexquialt II Octav 2'     Schalmey 4'  Trommet 4'
Tertian II' Gemshorn 2'          Cornet 2'
Scharff VI  Mixtur  VI            
Dulcian 8'  Cimbel  III            
    Trommet 16'            


 Photo: Geert Jan Pottjewijd

 Photo: Geert Jan Pottjewijd
 Photo: Ineke Pottjewijd-Remmers
Photo: Ineke Pottjewijd-Remmers (Vogelgeschwitscher)
Photo: Ineke Pottjewijd-Remmers (Mechanics of the Oberwerk)

 Photo: Geert Jan Pottjewijd

Photo: Geert Jan Pottjewijd