Bergstedt, Evangelisch Lutheranische Kirche

1686: New organ by Arp Schnitger.

1875: Umbau Christian Heinrich Wolfsteller (Hamburg)

1960: The organ is restored and removed from the west-balcony by Franz Grollmann and placed near the altar.

Photo from Hilda Rodenboog


Gedackt 8' b/d Schnitger
Prinzipal 4' new
Blockflöte 4' Schnitger
Oktave 2' Schnitger
Quinte 1 1/3' new
Mixtur   new
Zimbel   new
Regal 8' new
Organcase and windchest from Schnitger, no pedal, equal temperature (a = 439hz)

Manual: C,D,E,F, Fis-c''' (01)

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  1. This information was obtained from Mrs. Kai M. Böhm-Krakenberg, Kantor of the church (Letter  22-11-2000)