Berlin-Charlottenburg, Eosanderkapelle

Soure: (Hans Joachim Paape) Photo of the reconstructed organ  Click at the photo to enlarge

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MP3: Kapel Charlottenburg(D) 1938, Fritz Heitmann (JS Bach, Duetto in F BWV 803) (01)
WWW: Johann Pachelbel, Präludium und Fuge in d. Kurt Mild an der Arp-Schnitger-Orgel der "Eosander-Kapelle" im Charlottenburger Schloss: (02)

1706: New organ by Arp Schnitger.

1868: Repairs by Karl August Buchholz of Berlin.

1888: Replacement of Hoboy 8' and Vox Humana by Gambe and Aeoline by Dinse of Berlin. 

1931-1934: Restoration by Karl Kemper of Lübeck.
Eosanderkapelle with organ before 1944sberlineo8.gif (33357 bytes)

1939: Changes by Karl Schuke of Potsdam.

194x: Removal from the Eosanderkapelle

1944: Destroyed by a fire.

1970: Reconstruction of the instrument by Karl Schuke of Berlin after rebuilding the Eosanderkapelle.

Presentation of the reconstructed organ by Klaus Eichhorn:

I thank Rob Kruijt for providing the photo of this organ, taken before 1940. More photo's from an LP of Pape Verlag nr. FSM 63710POD. Organist is Rudolf Zartner

Original specification:

Hauptwerk   Rückpositif   Pedal  
Principal 8' Principal 8' Subbass 16'
Floite Dues 8' Gedact Lieblich 8' Octav 8'
Gedackt 8' Octav 4' Octav 4'
Oktav 4' Floite Dues 4' Nachthorn 2'
Violdegamb 4' Octav 2' Mixtur VI
Nassat 2 2/3' Waltfloit 2' Posaunen 16'
Super Octav 2' Sesquialt II Trommet 8'
Mixtur IV Scharf III Cornet 2'
Hoboy 8'        
Vox Humana 8'        
Photos of the situation before 1944:

sberlineo01.jpg (36596 bytes)
Console of the organ before 1944

sberlineo03.jpg (55547 bytes)
Tuning of the organ, before 1944. Left the Hauptwerk, and right the Rückpositif

sberlineo04.jpg (22208 bytes)
Hauptwerk case, before 1944

sberlineo02.jpg (53370 bytes)
Hauptwerk windchest, before 1944.

sberlineo05.jpg (48431 bytes)
Rückpositif windchest, before 1944.

sberlineo06.jpg (53110 bytes)
Eosander-Kapelle with the organ, before 1944

sberlineo07.jpg (54063 bytes)
Eosander-Kapelle with the organ before 1944

Photos of the present situation from the book "Orgeln in Berlin" of Dr. Uwe Pape ISBN 3-921140-62-5







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