Berne St. Aegidus

Photo of the present situation of the organ at

1590: New organ by Jürgen. This organbuilder did not finish the organ and Reinhard Lampeler fulfilled the task.

1641-1643: Enlargement with a Rückpositif and two pedaltowers by Harmen Kröger.

1690: Repairs by Joachim Kayser.

1709: Schnitger draws up a proposal for rebuilding the organ. He suggests a new windchest for the Hauptwerk and the Pedal and proposes changes to the disposition. It is not known why Schnitger is not contracted for the task. Later Christian Vater does the work as described in Schnitger's specification.

1793: The Rückpositif is changed into an Oberwerk by G.W. Wilhelmy.

18..: Several changes by the organbuilders of Schmid.

1959-1960: Restoration by Alfred Führer.