Blankenhagen, Dorfkirche


Photo: Roelof Kooiker

1686: New organ by Arp Schnitger for the Reformed Church in Hamburg-Altona

1833: Organ moved to Blankenhagen by Heinrich Rasche.

1899: New bellows and substitution of the Mixtur by a Viola da Gamba by Carl Börger.

1917: Requisition of the frontpipes for World War I.

19xx: New frontpipes by Carl Börger.

2003: Alexander Schuke, Potsdam, restored the organ . 
The situation as such was by Rasche was not changed (01) I thank Rob Kruijt for providing me with information on this organ.

Specification: Schnitger (S), Rasche (R), Börger (B)
Hauptwerck   Oberwerk   Pedal
Bourdon 16' (R) Lieblich Gedackt 8' (S) C-d1
Principal 8' (R) Flauto Dolce 8' (R)  
Gros Gedackt 8' (S) Principal 4' (S,B)  
Viola di Gamba 4' (B) Spitzflöte 4' (S)  
Oktave 4' (R) Blockflöte 4' (S)  
Flöte 4' (R)      
Oktave 2' (17xx)      

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Photo: Roelof Kooiker

Photo: Roelof Kooiker


Source: Antje Hansen-Käding