Flensburg, St. Nikolai

1604-1609: New organ by Nikolaus Mass.

1707-1709: Modification by Arp Schnitger. Changes to the specification, new windchests, new manuals, repairs to the tracker action mechanism, new bellows.

Changes  of 1707-1709 to the specification by Schnitger:
Hauptwerk   Brustwerk   Rückpositif   Pedal  
Principal 16' old Floite dues 8' new Principal 8' old Untersatz 16' old
Bordun 16' old Blockfloit 4' new Quintadena 8' old Octav 8' old
Octav 8' old Octav 4' old Gedact 8' old Octav 4' old
Rohrflöt 8' new Octav 2' old Octav 4' old Nachthorn 2' new
Octav 4' old Sieflet 1 1/3' old Floit 4' new Rauschpfeife II new
Nasat 2 2/3' old Waldfloit 2' new Octav 2' new Mixtur V-VI new
Super Octav 2' old Rauschpfeife II new Sexquioldera II new Posaunen 16' new
Mixtur V-VII new Scharf IV new Mixtur IV-VI new Trommet 8' new
Cimbel III new Dulcian 8' new Dulcian 16' new Schalmey 4' new
Trommet 16' old Crumphorn 8' new Baarpfeife 8' new Cornet 2' new
Trommet 8' new            
Trommet 8' new            
Vox Humana 8' new            

Source: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Flensburg_Nikolai_Orgel_%284%29.jpg Click at the picture to enlarge

1825: Repairs by Marcussen.

1831: Modification by Marcussen.

1847: Repairs by Marcussen.

1817: Repairs and enlargement by J.D. Hamann

1878-1879: Repairs by Marcussen after a fire in the tower.

1917: Requisition of the frontpipes for World War I.

1922: New organ in the old case by Wilhelm Sauer.

1937: Modification by Wilhelm Sauer.

1958: Alteration by Emanuel Kemper.

2004-2010: Reconstruction of the organ from Schnitgers time by Gerhard Woehl in the old case, using the older material.
Behind the old case a new romantic organ with own console.
For more details please consult the churchwebsite.

Source: www.fothema.de