Ganderkesee, St. Cyprian und Cornelius

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1699: New organ by Arp Schnitger.

Souce: (Click at the picture for a bigger size)

1760: Johann Heinrich Klappmeyer added a 6-rank Pedal on either side of the organ.

1819-1890: Repairs by the organbuilders of Schmid. Bellows and some ranks were replaced.

1935: Restoration by Alfred Führer.

1948: Restoration by Alfred Führer.

1966: Restoration by Alfred Führer.

: In November 2002 the church council decided to have the organ restored by Führer of Wilhemshaven (from 2004: Heiko Lorenz Orgelbau GmbH). On 24.02.2003 the organ sounded a last time before the restoration. Harald Vogel was the adviser of the project. The costs of the project: EUR 320,000.-

The following activities were undertaken:
• The complete tracker action mechanism, windchests and pipework were taken to the workshop
• Cleaning and restoration of the pipework.
• Reconstruction of later pipework.
• Restoration of the organ case.
• Restoration of mechanism and windchests.
• Restoration of the manuals and the organbench.
• New windsupply with wedge-bellows.
From 18.10.2004 the organ was re-installed in the church.
On 22.05.2005 the organ was inaugurated in a service, a concert and a speech by Heiko Lorenz.

Specification after 2005: Schnitger (S), Klapmeyer (K), Schmid (SC), Führer (F), Lorenz (L)
Hauptwerk   Brustwerk   Pedal  
Quintadena 16' (S) Gedackt 8' (S) Subbass 16' (L)
Principal 8' (S) Blockflöte 4' (S) Principal 8' (K)
Rohrflöte 8' (S) Oktave 2' (F) Octave 4' (K)
Oktave 4' (S) Spitzflöte 2' (S) Posaune 16' (K,S)
Waldflöte 2' (F) Sifflöte 1' (F) Trompet 8' (F)
Superoktave 2' (S) Scharff III (F) Trompete 4' (F)
Quinte 1 1/3' (F)        
Sesquialtera II (S,F)        
Mixtur IV (F)        
Trompete 8' (F)        



Old photos from Facebook after the renovation of the church from 1936-1938 - Friends of Arp Schnitger: (Thorsten Ahlrichs)