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1635: The organ is purchased from the Lambertikirche in Oldenburg.

1648: Constantinus Ibach adds a free pedal of 4 ranks.

1698: Arp Schnitger moves the organ to a new loft in the west section of the church. New case, windchests and manuals. Some ranks are added.

1732: Repairs by Christian Vater.

Specification as it was in 1803:
Manual I   Manual II   Pedal  
Principal 8' Gedact 8' Subbass 16'
Rohrflöte 8' Blockflöte 4' Octave 4'
Octave 4' Octave 2' Posaune 16'
Gedact 4' Nasart 1 1/3' Trompete 8'
Octave 2' Scharff  III Trompete 4'
Quinte 1 1/3'        
Sesquialter II         
Mixtur III-IV        
Zimbel III        
Trompete 8'        

1807: Repairs and changes by J.W. Kramershoff.

1829: Repairs and changes by J.G. Schmid.

1859: Repairs and changes by J.C. Schmid.

1912: New organ by J.M. Schmid in the old case .

1965: Another new organ by A. Führer in the original case.
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2015: There are plans to make an Arp Schnitger reconstruction in the case. Therefore a foundation "Förderverein Arp-Schnitger-Orgel Golzwarden e.V." has been started.

Photo by K. Martijn (Onstwedde)

Photo from H.W. Ccoordes