Göteborg, Örgryte nya kyrka

sgoteborg-01.jpg (68233 bytes)2000: New organ by GOArt. This front of this instrument was built according to the destroyed organ of Lübeck, Dom
The pipework is constructed according to other organs of Arp Schnitger. The most important organ is the organ of St. Jacobi of Hamburg. This organ contains pipework from Fritsche and Scherer. The organ in Göteborg contains also reconstructions of this pipework.
More details about this organ and the way it has constructucted you can read in the book:
The North German Organ Research Project at Göteborg University.
editor: Joel Speerstra
Göteborg: Göteborg Organ Art Center, 2003. GOArt publications, no. 12.
376 p., ill. + 1 CD-ROM ISBN:  91-972612-1-1 

Photo from: http://www.yale.edu

More information about this organ:
 Website of the church: https://www.svenskakyrkan.se/orgryte
 Website of Göteborg Organ Art centre (GOArt): http://goart.gu.se   

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