Groningen, St. Martini


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1450: New organ by unknown builder.

1480: Enlargement of the organ presumably by Johan ten Damme with  advisory support from Rudolph Agricola. The organ is moved to the west of the church.

1542: Enlargement by unknown builder.

1564: Repairs by Andreas de Mare.

1627-1628: Enlargement by Anthoni and Adam Verbeeck.

1685-1690: Enlargement by Jan Helman. He died during the work at the organ.

1691-1692: Arp Schnitger enlarges the organ by two Pedaltowers, changes the specification and constructs a new windchest for the Bovenwerk.

1728-1730: New Rugpositief by Franz Caspar Schnitger, who dies in the process. Albert Anthony Hinsz finishes the work.


1739-1740/b>: Repairs by Albert Anthony Hinsz.

1781-1782: Repairs by Hinsz

1793: Repairs by Frans Caspar Schnitger jr. and H.H. Freytag

1808: Repairs and changes by N.A. Lohman.

1816: Repairs and changes by N.A. Lohman.

1831: Repairs and changes by Petrus van Oeckelen

1854-1855: Enlargement of the organ by Petrus van Oeckelen

1867: Repairs by Petrus van Oeckelen

1904: Mechanism of the Pedal changed to pneumatic by Jacob Doornbos.

Nieuwsblad van het Noorden 20-12-1907

1912: New bellows.

Nieuwsblad van het Noorden 05-09-1912

1938-1939: Changes by J. de Koff. Changes to the disposition. New electric console. The old console was not removed.

1975-1976: Restoration of case, Bovenwerk and Rugpositief by Jürgen Ahrend.

1983-1984:: Restoration of Pedaal and Hoofdwerk by Jürgen Ahrend.

2016: Restoration some pipes of the Prestant 32' by Ahrend.

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Specification after the restoration by hrend:

Hoofdwerk   Rugpositief   Bovenwerk   Pedaal  
Praestant 16' Quintadena 16' Praestant 8' Praestant  
Octaaf 8' Praestant 8' Holfluit 8' Praestant 32'
Salicet 8' Bourdon 8' Octaaf 4' Subbas 16'
Quintadena 8' Roerfluit 8' Nasard 2 2/3' Octaaf 8'
Gedekt 8' Octaaf 4' Sesquialtera II Gedekt 8'
Octaaf 4' Speelfluit 4' Mixtuur IV-VI Roerquint 5 1/3'
Gedektfluit 4' Nasard 2 2/3' Trompet 16' Octaaf 4'
Octaaf 2' Gedektquint 2 2/3' Vox Humana 8' Octaaf 2'
Vlakfluit 2' Octaaf 2'     Nachthoorn 2'
Tertiaan II Fluit 2'     Mixtuur IV
Mixtuur IV-VI Sesquialtera II     Bazuin 16'
Scherp IV Mixtuur IV-VI     Dulciaan 16'
Viola da Gamba 8' Cimbel III     Trompet 8'
Trompet 8' Basson 16'     Cornet 4'
    Schalmei 8'     Cornet 2'
    Hautbois 8'        

Source: Click at the photo to enlarge

Source: Click at the picture to enlarge