Hamburg, St. Petri

1507: New organ by Harmen Stüven and Jako Iversand.

1548-1550: Enlargement by Hendrick Niehoff, who adds an Oberpositif with 8 ranks, a Rückposif with 11 ranks and a Pedal with 8 ranks.

1603-1604: Repairs by Hans Scherer Sr. and his sons Hans and Fritz.

1633-1634: Gottfried Fritsche adds some ranks

1671-1673: Hans Christoph repairs the organ

1673-1679: Fourth manual by Friedrich Besser.

1689: Repair-work by Arp Schnitger on the windchannels

1692: New Trompete 16' for the Hauptwerk provided by Schnitger.

1729: Enlargement by Caspar Sperling .

1768: Repairs by J.P. Geycke.

1791: Repairs by Johann Anton Daniel Kahl

1842: The organ is lost in the great town-fire