Hollern, St. Mauritius

Ausführliche Deutscher Text durch Martin Böcker (German Text by Martin Böcker)

1690: Construction of the organ by Arp Schnitger.

1858: The Brustwerk was removed and a new Hinterwerk was added by Furtwängler & Hammer. The Pedal towers were shortened.

Photo from about 1900, before the balcony was changed. (02)

1901: The church is restored and the balcony is changed to get more space. The pedaltowers disappear partly behind the balcony.
Gustav Ehlers from Stade replaces the possible nog original wedge bellows by a reservoir.

shollern1.jpg (36639 bytes)
Photo (ca. 1930) of the organ after the work by Furtwängler & Hammer. Photo (from Rob Kruijt).

1966: Restoration by Kemper. Changes to the original pedal-reeds. The Schnitger specification was restored.

Specification: Schnitger (S), Kemper (K)

Hauptwerk   Brustwerk   Pedal  
Principal 8' (S) Gedackt 8' (K) Subbass 16' (K)
Rohrflöte 8' (S) Blockflöte 4' (K) Principal 8' (S,K)
Octav 4' (S) Oktave 2' (K) Octave 4' (S)
Nasat 2 2/3' (S) Quintflöte 1 1/3' (K) Mixtur III (K)
Octave 2' (S) Scharff IV (S,K) Posaune 16' (S)
Waldflöte 2' (S) Sesquialtera II (S,K) Trompete 8' (S)
Zimbel III (K) Krummhorn 8' (K) Cornet 2' (K)
Mixtur IV (K)        
Trompete 8' (S)        
Vox Humana 8' (K)        

Photo by Peter Golon representing the situation until 2010

The organ has been restored by Hendrik Ahrend.
The Pastor of the church Peter Golon is searching for more information about the balustrade. This balustrade was present until 1959 and was probably sold. Read his text with more information about this balcony. (Text in German)
The organ will go into operation at 28.08.2011 (01 and 03)
More information about the restoration of the organ in Hollern can befound at http://www.nomine.net/hollern-restaurierung-der-arp-schnitger-orgel . The organ was inaugurated at 28.08.2011.
For a video see http://www.youtube.com/user/nomineev

Click at the picture to enlarge (Photo from Martin Elsen (Stade) Photo after the restoraytion of 2010/2011 (03)

Specification after the restoration of Hendrik Ahrend
Hauptwerk Brustwerk Pedal
Principal 8' (S) Gedact 8' (A) Principal 16' (S)
Rohrfloit 8' (S) Blockfloit 4' (A) Gedact 8' (A)
Octav 4' (S) Octav 2' (A?S) Octav 4' (S)
Nashat 3F (S) Quintfloit 1 1/2' (A) Mixtur IV (A/S)
Octav 2' (S) SEexquialtera II (S?A) Posaun 16' (S)
Waldfloit 2' (S) Scharff IV (S?A) Trommet 8' (S)
Mixtur IV   (A/S) Krumphorn 8' (A) Cornet 2' (A)
Cimbel III (A)
Trommet 8' (S)
Schalmey 4' (A)

Vogelgesang (A)
Cimbelstern (A)
Tremulant (A)
Ventiel HW (A)
Ventiel BW (A)
Ventiel Pedal (A)
Shift coupler (A)
Manual compass: CDEFGA - c’”
Pedal compass: CDE - d’
Wind pressure: 73 mm
3 Wedge bellows (7‘ x 3 1/2‘)
Pitch: (a = 465 Hz)
Temperament: mean tone
Chests: HW (S), BW (A), Ped (S)

  1. Email 12.04.2011 from Peter Golon
  2. Wikipedia: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Hollern_Orgel_alt.jpg
  3. Photo provided by Peter Golon by E-mail at 09.07.2011

Below photos by Geert Jan Pottjewijd in 2009: (Before the restoration by Ahrend)


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Photo from http://commons.wikimedia.org Click at the photo to get the full size