Oldenburg St. Lamberti

1634-1642: New organ by Gerdt and Harmen Kröger.

1667-1670: Repairs by Berendt Huss. Perhaps Schnitger assisted Huss with these repairs.

1699-1700: Repairs by Schnitger.

1715: Repairs by Schnitger.

1720 and 1729: Repairs by Christian Vater

1736: Repairs by J.D. Busch

1759, 1770,1785: Repairs by J.H. Klappmeyer.

1792-1800: New organ by Jakob Courtain, with 50 ranks on 5 manuals.

1873-1875: Changes to the organ by Schmid.

1902-1903: Changes to the organ by Schmid.

1929-1930: Changes to the organ by Furtwängler & Hammer.

1972: New organ by Alfred Führer