Rendsburg, Christkirche

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1714-1716: New organ by Arp Schnitger.

1766: New pitch by Johan Daniel Bosch of Itzehoe.

1827: Repairs and changes to specification by Friedrich Schulze of Rensburg.

1836: Repairs and changes to specificationby Friedrich Schulze of Rensburg.

1878-1879: Repairs and changes by Marcussen of Aabenraa.

1917: Requisition of the front pipes for World War I.

1954-1960: Restoration and enlargement with a Rückpositif by Eberhard Tolle of Preetz.

1973: New organ by Karl Schuke of Berlin, using the Schnitger pipe work still present. No complete Schnitger ranks had been preserved.
Schnitger pipework in: Hauptwerk: Quintade 16', Spitzquinte 2 2/3' and in Pedal: Oktave 8', Gedackt 8', Mixtur V