Stade, St. Cosmae


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All colour-photos by Geert Jan Pottjewijd

1668-1673: New organ by Berendt Huss. Arp Schnitger worked on the organ as a pupil of Huss. Vincent Lübeck was appointed organist after the completion of the organ.

1688: Changing of the specification by Arp Schnitger on demand of Vincent Lübeck. A Trommet 16' was added to the Hauptwerk.

1727: Repairs by Otto Dietrich Richborn.

1782: Repairs and changes to the pedal by Georg Wilhelm Wilhelmi.

179x: Adding of a Glockenspiel (chimes).

1841: Repairs by Johann Georg Wilhelmi

1870: Removal of the Rückpositif by Johann Hinrich Röver. The windchest and part of the pipework were placed behind the organ. Tuning in equal temperature. Substitution of several ranks.

1910: Enlargement of the organ loft.

1917: Frontpipes confiscated for the production of war materials.

1948: Restoration by Ott. A new Rückpositif was made behind the enlarged loft. Intonation on too low a windpressure.
Photo of this situation below.

The organ with the new Rückpositif after the restoration by Ott in 1948

1956: Addition of a little windchest for Cis, Dis, Fis and Gis.

1975: Restoration by Jürgen Ahrend. Complete reconstruction of the loft and the Rückpositif. Unequal temperature. Removal of the windchests for Cis, Dis, Fis and Gis.

Specification after the restoration of 1975

Oberwerk Brustwerk Rückpositif Pedal
Principal 16' Querflöt 8' Principal 8' Principal 16'
Quintadena 16' Gedackt 8' Rohrflöt 8' Subbass 16'
Octav 8' Flöt 4' Quintadena 8' Octav 8'
Gedackt 8' Oktav 2' Octav 4' Octav 4'
Octav 4' Tertia 1 3/5' Waltflöt 2 Nachthorn 1'
Rohrflöt 4' Nassat Quint 1 1/3' Sifflöt 1 1/3' Mixtur V-VI
Nassat 2 2/3' Sedetz 1' Sesquialter II  Posaun  16'
Octav 2' Scharff III Scharff V  Dulcian  16'
Mixtur VI Krumphorn 8' Dulcian 16''  Trommet  8'
Cimbel III Schalmey 4'  Trechter Regal 8'  Cornet  2'
Trommet 16' (1688)
Trommet 8'

Photos: Geert Jan Pottjewijd

Detail Springchest of the Hauptwerk
Source: Klingende Schätze Orgelland zwischen Elbe und Weser