Weener, Reformierte Kirche


Photos by Dale C. Carr. Click on the photo to get a large version.

1710: Construction of the organ by Arp Schnitger with two manuals and no Pedal.

17xx: Repairs by Nicolaus Stöver & Johann Friedrich Constabel.

1782: Johann Friedrich Wenthin adds a Pedal in two towers on either side of the organ-case and also a Brustwerk.

1872-1877: Rohlfing removes the Brustpositif. Behind the organ on a new windchest he constructs a Hinterwerk with pipework from the Brustpositif and the Rückpositif. The organ is reduced to two manuals. The specification of the Pedal is changed.

1908: Rohlfing replaces 8 ranks.

1917: Requisition of the frontpipes for World War I.

1952: Restoration by Alfred Führer. The Ruckpositif is again provided with pipes. The specification is restored. The Brustpositif is not reconstructed. Pipes from the 19th and 20th century were not removed.

1972-1977: Vierdag of Enschede (Holland) restores the case. The colours are reconstructed to the situation of 1782. New windchests. The Rohlfing manuals were re-used. Pipework is reconstructed in the Schnitger tradition.

1978-1982: Jürgen Ahrend completes the restoration, reconstructing the missing reeds. Reconstruction of tracker action mechanism and intonation.

1988: Jürgen Ahrend reconstructs the Cimbelstern and the Tremulant. The Brustpositif is not yet reconstructed.

Specification: Schnitger (S), Wenthin (W), Vierdag (V), Ahrend (A)

Hauptwerk   Rückpositif   Pedal  
Quintadena 16' (S)  Holpyp 8' (S)  Subbas 16' (W)
 Praestant 8' (V)  Quintadena 8' (V)  Praestant 8' (V)
 Holpyp 8' (V)  Praestant 4' (V)  Octaaf 4' (V)
 Octaaf 4' (S)  Holpyp 4' (V)  Super Octaaf 2' (A)
 Spitsfluyt 4' (S)  Octaaf 2' (S)  Mixtuur IV (V)
 Nasat 2 2/3' (V)  Woudfluyt 2' (V)  Bazuyn 16' (W,V)
 Super Octaaf 2' (S)  Quint 1 1/3' (V)  Trompet 8' (W,V)
 Mixtuur IV-VI (V)  Sexquialter II (V)  Trompet 4' (W,V)
 Cimbel III (A)  Scherp IV (V)    
 Trompet 8' (A)  Dulciaan 8'(A)    
Vox Humana 8' (A)        

Source: https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Orgel_der_St.-Georgs-Kirche_%28Weener%29

Photos below by Dale C. Carr


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