1698: New organ by Arp Schnitger for the Heilige Geist Kirche, Magdeburg, using 8 ranks from an old organ.

1737: The organ is moved to Gross-Quenstedt near Halberstadt.

1767: Repairs and changes by J.M. Schlesier.

1791: Repairs and changes by Jesse.

1820: Alterations by Christian Boden.

1866: Rebuild by W. Bergen in the existing case. Some Schnitger parts are re-used.

1897: Repairs and changes by Hülle.

1917: Requisition of the front pipes for World War I.

1978: The organ is in deplorable state. The case and surviving parts of Schnitger's organ (Pedal windchest, parts of the mechanism and some pipes) are transported to Wegeleben. The church of Gross-Quenstedt was given up.

The empty case of the Schnitger-organ in Wegeleben
Photo was received from Mr Rob Kruijt.

1988-1990: The case is restored  by Schuke of Potsdam. There are plans for a Schnitger-copy.

2006: The "pipes" of the organ are mere wooden copies. There is only an electric organ. (01)

2010: Behind the front is an electronic organ from Hoffrichter. The organ has two manuals in the old organcase. There is no professional orgfanist in in Wegeleben. There will be no pipeorgan within short time. (02)

I thank Mr. Christoph Schulz from Magdeburg for his information.

Original Specification:

Hauptwerk    Brustwerk    Pedal  
Bordun  16'  Gedackt  8'  Untersatz  16'
Principal  8'  Principal  4'  Principal  8'
Quintadehn  8'  Flöte  4'  Gedackt  8'
Octave  4'  Nasat  2 2/3'  Octav  4'
Hohlflöte  4'  Spitzflöte  2'  Nachthorn  2'
Octave  2'  Octav  1'  Mixtur  IV-V-VI
Rauschpfeife  II  Scharff  IV  Posaune  16'
Mixtur  IV-V-VI  Dulcian  8'  Trommete  8'
Trommete  8'      Cornett  2'

Photo by Beate Skrodzki (Wegeleben) from april 2005 (02)

Source: http://goart-vas-1.it.gu.se/Webgoart/photos/Schnitger_2013/Wegeleben_St_Peter_u_Paul_h.jpg Click at the photo to enlarge.


Photo by Herbert Müller from Siegen (Germany)


  1. The lower photo and information about the present situation as received from Mr Herbert Müller of Siegen (Germany)
  2. E-mail from 2.5.2010 from Beate Skrodzki